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Creme Brulee Cheesecake

  Originally found on Pinterest,, however some of the ingredients were American and not available here. So I had to have a bit of a play around with this one. Worth a look at this website, as she has a great range of recipes including a lot of cakes!!   INGREDIENTS CRUST 85 grams […]

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Zucchini and Pistachio Chocolate Cake

  Zucchini and Pistachio Chocolate Cake Honestly some of the recipes we all have stored away in our old magazines can be gold. Cooked this one up yesterday, how awesome does it look? I am even going as far as to say, I think my photo is way better than the original, which was from […]

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chewy mueslie bars 1

Fruitless chewy mueslie bars

  Just got this recipe from The Road To Loving Your Thermomix, and This is a great website and facebook page to help you better understand and get the most out of your thermomix . The recipe is in my app under the category Kids snacks. They were so incredibly easy, no bake and […]

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Pavlovla – thermomix

  Many of my friends don’t have a thermomix and they always say “I’ve got along quite well without one so far, why would I need one now?”.  I have had mine for nearly 5 years now and I am still learning new tricks. I was too scared to try my pavlova recipe in the […]

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Black Rice Stir Fry

I just found this funky looking packet of black rice when in Perth, so brought it home to try some. I also looked in the health benefits of it and this is what I found: “Move over, blueberries; black rice is being hailed as the new superfood by US scientists. And it’s cheaper, too. “A spoonful […]

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Chia Strawberry Jam

I used to make a lovely strawberry jam when I had my cafe, I must admit, I haven’t made a strawberry jam since! I have no idea why, when homemade jam is so beautiful. So I decided to make some again, but this time I was keen to add Chia Seeds to the mix as […]

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